New lifting platforms and lifts showroom

On 25th June 2016, during the big party celebrating the 50th company anniversary, IGV opened the doors of its new lifting platforms and lifts showroom now welcoming customers and visitors in an exhibition area with itineraries unwinding along a path reaching the core of the factory.

A brand new and exclusive look featuring a bright and essential environment wrapped in refined materials and transparencies.

The full range of DomusLift models

Visitors will have the chance to view the full range of DomusLift models, from Swarovski to the whole dimensional range, from the smallest and new XS to XL, as well as S and Standard models.

The special models made with Swarovski® Elements, Liberty with Trend mosaic, Leather, Art Limited Edition, add exclusive style and elegance, while enhancing any environment.

Showroom ascensori e elevatori DomusLift
Nuovo showroom ascensori IGV Group

A comprehensive overview

The display also includes sliding automatic and swing doors, gearless traction and hydraulic motors, multiple finishes for cars and shaft structures, AR Slim and Superdomus Gearless lifts and components for modernization.

Nuovo showroom ascensori e piattaforme elevatrici

IGV Group Showroom

Via Di Vittorio, 21 – Vignate, Milan
Tel. (+39) 02 951271


Please contact our export manager to book a visit.

IGV Elevator US

In 2014 IGV Group founded IGV Elevator US, INC. to cover US and Canada markets.

IGV Elevator US Showroom

7610 NE 4th Court, Suite 101
Miami, Florida

Tel. (+1) 800 965 5838

Showroom ascensori e piattaforme elevatrici IGV Group